not so funny

I would suggest you read the actual story to get the “facts”. This is how I feel about it. The writer/illustrator of this cartoon took full advantage of a situation to put race back in the forrfront ¬†of this Presidential regime. The scapegoat they use is a story about a chimanzee that went crazy in Stamford, CT. They say that what the image implies is, the stimulus bill was so bad that it could have been written by a chimpanzee. When I look at two white cops standing over a monkey, I see some racist shit going on. As a black man who has experienced racism both covertly and openly, before I even read the caption I know exactly whats going on in this picture. And it for damn sure ain’t got nothing to do with a damn chimp. That “monkey” could be Sean Bell, Oscar Grand, Amadu Diallo, your mother, your brother, etc. They don’t care that Obama is President, he is a nigger first and that’s what this illustrates.